Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions of the car park shall apply whilst the car is parked and the customer must treat the car park as if they have parked their vehicle themselves and therefore you are advised to ensure that your own insurance is suffice. We offer a 24 hour service from the car Park by appointment only. We accept no responsibility for customer arriving or returning by chance.


All monies due for parking, must be paid before you, the customer vacates and or before the vehicle is released back to the customer.
Extra periods of parking due to longer flight delays and or cancellations, missed flight and any other causes (including return flight diversions) will be chargeable at the rate in force at the time.
We only accept cash as methods of payment.

Transport to and from the Manchester Airport

Transfers between HUNTERS premises and the airport will be done so in our 8 seat minibuses and is a service offered to you free of charge and upon demand.
Transfers between Hunters premises and the airport leave at regular intervals to coincide with flight arrivals and departure times. However we mostly operate on demand service and it is the customer's responsibility to arrive at our premises at the reserved time and also in good time, to enable them to arrive at the airport by the airlines recommended check in time. (Allowing for possible traffic congestion and other delays)
We can accept no liability for transport delays caused by flight delays, traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown or other causes beyond our control.
Children under the age of 14 years cannot travel in the front seats of our minibuses and may only travel if seated in a legally required child restraint, supplied by the customer.
No animal may travel without our prior agreement.
All travel luggage must be kept with the person(s) traveling or in the luggage storage areas on the vehicle and must not be placed in aisles or obstruct emergency exits. It is the customers responsibility to load and unload the minibuses with their own luggage, however from time to time help is available.
The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Any person(s) whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations or whose conduct or condition is in the opinion of the driver a danger or potential danger to the vehicle or any of its passengers reserves the right to refuse travel.
The customer will be responsible for any damage caused to our vehicle by the customer or any person traveling with the customer. We do not permit the consumption of food and drink on board our minibuses. Any customer soiling the seats or any part of the minibus will be charged for the cleaning/repair of it at the going rate.


HUNTERS AIRPORT PARKING holds full public liability insurance and our entire customers are insured to travel in our minibuses to and from the airport.
The terms & conditions of the car park shall apply whilst the vehicle is parked and is therefore outside the control of Hunters, as if the customer had parked it there themselves. You are therefore advised to ensure that your own motor insurance is suffice,
HUNTERS does not provide any additional insurance cover whilst your vehicle is in our custody. All vehicles are parked and/or at the owners risk. We do not accept any responsibility for your vehicle whatsoever. HUNTERS are not liable for third party damage whilst the vehicle is in our car park or damage done on site if its owner drives the vehicle.
HUNTERS will not accept responsibility for the acts of any third party and neither will it accept responsibility for your vehicle or its contents, which is covered by any other insurance policy.
HUNTERS will disclaim any liability, if you do not notify them of any possible loss or damage sustained to your vehicle before you leave the car park.
HUNTERS Does not check your vehicle for damage upon your arrival and it is your responsibilty to highlight any damage you are aware of to us at the time of your arrival. If possible we advise all customers to check their vehicle the night/day before travel, ensursing you are fully aware of any chips, scuffs, dints and/or any other damage on your vehicle for your own peace of mind.
HUNTERS do not accept liability for the following:
Loose items or articles not otherwise permanently affixed to the vehicle.
Mechanical or electrical defects to the vehicle, as these can arise at any time.
Hire charges or hotel charges, however so incurred. Damage to windscreens, windows, tyre's, exhaust, electrical & mechanical breakdown.
Personal possessions left in the vehicle. Missed flights, changed flights or diverted flights. It is the customers responsibility to inform us immediately of any changes to your flight itinery.
Hotel accommodation or Taxi's as our transfers are arranged by the flight dates supplied by the customer at the time of checking into the car park.
Damage caused by wind, storm or any other natural disasters within the car park.
Bird droppings or leafs that may fall onto your vehicle as we are a rural car park.
We do not check your vehicle upon arrival as it is the customers responsibility to make us aware of any damage on their vehicle whatsoever when arriving at the car park. Your car will be returned in the same condition, as it was when you arrived.
Crook locks are not permitted and should not be installed. In the event of a crook lock left in place by the customer, HUNTERS will have no choice but to cut it off in order to park the car during your holiday.
We do not accept responsibilty of replacing the crook lock whatsoever and this would be down to the customers own expense. We do not accept responsibility for vehicles that break down or do not start during your vehicles stay within the car park.

General Parking made easy!

We take the care of your vehicle very seriously for the period you have booked and paid for, starting from when your car keys are issued to us.
We will only accept liability when we are at fault.
You must leave the keys with us so we can move your vehicle, when necessary.
Tell us about any immobilizer, automatic safety feature or modification for a disability.
Remove all belongings from the vehicle.
Hand the vehicle over to us in a roadworthy, safe and legal condition with full insurance.
We can refuse to return the vehicle if you cannot prove that you own it.
Pay all parking charges that become due if you park longer than agreed.
We can refuse to return the vehicle if you do not pay these charges.
Check your vehicle carefully before leaving it in our custody.
Notify us of any claim you wish to make on your vehicle before you leave the site.
We reserve the right to move your vehicle if necessary, however we occasionally move vehicles off site during peak seasons.
You are responsible for ensuring your luggage is loaded into our vehicles and to and from your vehicle.
Your vehicle is parked at owners risk, as we do not insure your vehicle in the car park.
If you are in doubt, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

IMPORTANT: All vehicles are parked and/or at the owners risk and we do not accept liability for any loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents or any other goods whilst in our custody howsoever and wherever such may occur.
We reserve the right to move your vehicle if necessary.
The customer must inform us of any flight changes that may affect the services we offer.